Rail Europe Employee Jackie, Travels Using a Global Pass and City Cards


I consider it very lucky that at the age of 23, I have already experienced the act of traveling from almost every angle – I have gone abroad as a student ambassador, a volunteer, a backpacker, a tour group member, an art student, and an intern. I have traveled by myself, with my family, with my friends, with my schools, and with a few organizations. So far, however, opportunity and circumstance have limited these travels to the European continent and British Isles. While France will always have my heart, I think I’d like to venture out a little farther away from home the next time I step onto a plane.

I have always loved to travel, but I first knew that I wanted to be involved in the travel industry for a living after studying in the French Riviera for a summer (this was also when I decided that I wanted to become rich enough to purchase a yacht to park along the coast of the French Riviera. I’m pushing for at least one of these goals by 2020.). As I hopped from one art museum to the next, listened to morning lectures in a seaside chateau, and wandered around the tiny little town I called home for two months, I realized that I actually had a lot to say about traveling, and I began to write about my experiences. Mostly I focus on the things that make me laugh – getting lost (guaranteed), making friends (and otherwise scaring people), or awkward run-ins with the locals (particularly one ear doctor in France).

For the past year I have been writing travel articles for various sites (including my personal blog, www.jackietravels.com), and working various travel-related jobs to save up some pennies for my next trip overseas while living vicariously through the adventures of others. Currently I am an intern at the HI Hostel in downtown Chicago, Illinois, as well as an intern and writer for the online travel site Vagabundo Magazine. If I can’t be out there traveling myself, I can at least force myself into every other aspect of the traveling industry.

Jackie’s Blog Series:

1st Trip: Exploring Barcelona off the Beaten Path with a Barcelona Card
2nd Trip: Traveling Alone to Europe: A Different Way to Experience Portugal and Spain
3rd Trip: The Benefits of Using City Sightseeing Buses When Visiting European Cities
4th Trip: 5 Best Museums To Visit Along the French Riviera for Art Lovers
th Trip: Gibraltar: Travel To Climb The Rock, Visit The Monkeys & Even See Africa!

About the Author


Jackie is a freelance writer from Los Angeles currently living in Brooklyn. She worked as a travel consultant at Rail Europe for two years before switching over to Marketing & Community Manager (focusing on social media) in June 2014. In her free time Jackie travels whenever possible & maintains a personal travel blog at www.jackietravels.com.

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