From The Old Eurostar To The New Eurostar

Our President and CEO, Frédéric Langlois, contributes monthly to our High Speed Rail News blog series.  Sharing his passion for travel and high-speed rail of which he is considered an expert. With over 17 years in the industry, Langlois sits on the Advisory Boards of the German National Tourist Office, the French National Tourist Office and hotel giant Accor. In addition, he has appeared on cable news discussing the future of high-speed trains in the United States.

From the old Eurostar to the new Eurostar with Rail Europe  Rail Europe, Inc. has always been proud to be associated with the high speed Eurostar trains. We have been partners ever since the service first launched in 1994 and since then, Eurostar trains can be credited with revolutionizing travel between the United Kingdom and Continental Europe. The train allows travelers to travel quickly, conveniently and seamlessly from downtown London straight to the heart of Paris or Brussels.  For North American travelers this also means not having to worry about luggage restrictions imposed by airlines on short haul flights within Europe.

Sixteen years and about 115 million passengers later – Eurostar has decided to rebrand.  Along with a sleek new logo comes an all encompassing new name “Eurostar International”.  And it is not all about looks! Rail Europe’s travelers can benefit from the newly purchased fleet of trains. The 10 new e320 trains can reach higher speeds and carry 20% more passengers. More passenger capacity on trains means that this is really a greener way to travel. Eurostar will also renovate its existing fleet with the expertise of Italian design leaders Pininfarina.
New and refurbished trains call for stylish new stations and the Eurostar Terminals at both Paris’ Gare du Nord and Brussels’ Midi stations will be renovated with traveler comfort and convenience in mind.

Because it is no longer just a three market business, Eurostar is looking to broaden its reach linking the UK to regional France, Germany and the Netherlands, and lead the growth of high speed rail travel in Europe with the help of strategic partners such as Rail Europe, Inc.

The company has a clear vision for growth and exciting plans for the future. Together, Rail Europe, Inc and Eurostar open up even more train travel options for North American travelers.

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