High-Speed Rail News: Germany Travels Thru The Chunnel

ICE train at the Train Station

Thanks to a new link service, there’s a fast track to Bocuse bouchons. Germany travels through the famed chunnel and Eurostar is getting stylized – the European way. Read more in this edition of high-speed rail news!

Gastronomes Rejoice: France has opened the 22km Rhonexpress link service from Lyons-Saint Exupery Airport to Lyon.  The journey takes just 30 minutes, and is expected to carry more than one million passengers at a maximum speed of 100km/h.

An ICE-y Tunnel: The first German ICE train has entered the famed Channel tunnel in anticipation of the formal arrival of an ICE at St. Pancras. The new trains are intended to allow Eurostar to serve more destinations starting in 2014, including Amsterdam, and possibly Geneva and Lyon as well.

New Eurostar Style: The new Eurostar e320 is getting a makeover. Thanks to Pininfarina design – renowned for their automotive aesthete (think Ferrari, Lamborghini and other stylish brands), passengers will find new surroundings that are unique to Eurostar. Think advanced wi-fi access, on board entertainment, real time travel information and bespoke interiors for the jet-set.

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