Rhine Falls: Swiss Natural Beauty Only A Short Train Trip from Zurich

Not exactly Niagara Falls, but just as beautiful and breathtaking! The Rhine Falls are a great excursion from Schaffhausen, which is a city not too far from Zurich. While the Rhine Falls are not known for their height, their width is spectacular. And on a sunny day, the spray from the falls create colorful rainbows all around.

If you’re interested in natural beauty, this is definitely a sight you’ll want to see (and don’t forget the camera!). Schaffhausen can be reached from Zurich fairly easily. Visitors can take the train to Schaffhausen direct from Zurich. From there, you can opt to walk along the river to Neuhausen (approximately 45mins.) or you can take the #1 or #6 bus from Schaffhausen to Neuhausen.

From Neuhausen the Rhine Falls are just a five minute walk away, there are signs posted along the route to help direct you to the falls. In all, it will take roughly 2 hours to reach the Rhine Falls from Zurich. Click here to learn more about the Rhine Falls.

This is a great day trip to do on your own or with the family, however, if you’re traveling with little ones, you may want to skip the walk along the river and simply hop on the bus to Neuhausen. Of course, that is totally up to you, the walk could be a great family bonding activity too!


  1. Mandar


    Thanks for the info.

    I wanted to confirm whether there are train services leaving Zurich to Neuhausen either directly or via a change at Winterthur. This is shown in SBB website. Since you’ve not mentioned about it, I wanted to know if there is anything wrong with the information given on SBB website.

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    • akoos

      There is a slight issue with taking the train via Winterthur to Neuhausen, and that is that Neuhausen’s train station is a bit far from the Falls. While it is possible, the route we have provided is the easiest for travelers to follow. Again, there is nothing wrong with taking the train to Neuhausen, it’s just finding the falls from the station is more difficult. However, you can also take the S-Bahn service, S33 Winterthur – Schaffhausen to Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall. It is approximately 25 mins from Winterthur. There are hourly departures for the S-Bahn to Schloss Laufen from Winterthur at :06 and :42 minutes past the hour. The S-Bahn service only operates from April-October. I hope that helps you out, if you do make the trip to the Falls, please drop us a line to let us know what you thought!

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  2. Kate


    Is it advisable to visit Rhine Falls in december?

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    • Phaedra

      Hi Kate,

      Apologies for the late response. Visiting Rhine Falls in December should be very nice. Just like everywhere else it is a little colder in December, but the beautiful scenery should make up for it.

      Happy Travels!

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