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Hi there! My name is Jackie and I recently traveled to Ireland and London to prepare for my new role as Community Manager at Rail Europe, where I manage our social media accounts and assist with PR projects. You may recognize me from my photo over there in our blog’s sidebar – but now I have new hair and a new role here at Rail Europe!

A little about me….

As I mentioned, this isn’t the first job I’ve had with Rail Europe. I’ve worked here since early 2011 – first as a travel consultant in the Chicago contact center, then as a freelance writer for the blog and social media channels, and now I am a Marketing Manager focusing on maintaining social media content and strategies. They just can’t get rid of me and I think they have finally accepted it.

I am also a freelance travel writer and maintain a personal travel blog, which has taken me from France (to write about art) to Israel (to write about archeology) to Central America (to drink all of the horchata) and beyond! France will always be my favorite place to visit, mostly because of the art and the coffee and the metro and the buildings and the fashion and the language and…. Well, that’s an entire blog post in itself.

About my upcoming blog posts….

I’ve traveled to Europe several times on my own but this was my first time exploring Ireland, so I spent a good three weeks there! I navigated the crazy crowded streets of Dublin, browsed the quaint little shops in Galway, and drove (on the other side of the road!) along the winding rural roads along the coast to the Dingle Peninsula. I was chased by cows and I fed a lamb from a bottle. I attended a wedding in Belfast, took a road trip to the Cliffs of Moher, had a few beers on the street with several local Irishmen (just trying to sample local flavors of every kind, you know?), visited a whiskey distillery, attended a medieval banquet, got rowdy at a rugby bar, and frolicked across a few castle lawns.

And then of course I spent my birthday weekend in London, because all of that “work” in Ireland had tired me out and I wanted to treat myself.

I will write about the different regions of this beautiful, perpetually green and friendly country; the benefits of traveling by train in such a small region; the pro’s of getting a city travel card; and a few reflections on exploring this region of the world as a solo traveler. There also may or may not be mention of a ferry that included gambling machines, a bar, and a movie theater among other on-board amenities. I think Ireland beats the rest of us at ferries.

About the Author


Jackie is a freelance writer from Los Angeles currently living in Brooklyn. She worked as a travel consultant at Rail Europe for two years before switching over to Marketing & Community Manager (focusing on social media) in June 2014. In her free time Jackie travels whenever possible & maintains a personal travel blog at www.jackietravels.com.

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