London to Liverpool: Your Ticket to Ride to Beatles History & More!

It’s difficult to think about leaving London once you finally get there, but you’ve got to leave it sometime, you know. Still so much of the world to see! Luckily, it’s pretty easy to get to almost anywhere else from London, particularly if you’re traveling by train.

We have a suggestion for your next stop: why not go from London to Liverpool? It’s not too far, and it can ease you out of London slowly, if you’re really feeling reluctant to leave it behind. Traveling from London to Liverpool is just a quick 2 hour train ride from city center to city center — about 220 miles.

Travel by train from London to Liverpool:

Travel from London to Liverpool on a Virgin train.
Travel from London to Liverpool on a Virgin train.

You’ll be riding one of Virgin’s trains, which provide e-ticketing for point to point tickets. Train tickets for London to Liverpool are as low as $117.

You can also travel on this route using a BritRail Pass or by taking advantage of a tour package. Please note, if you are traveling with a rail pass or a tour package, you will be issued a paper document rather than an e-ticket.

Virgin airplanes are known for that funky purple lighting and, more recently, for flying people to space, and Virgin trains are no less impressive. Offering all of the usual amenities in both economy and comfort class (second and first class, respectively), Virgin trains also famously feature the electric tilting Pendolino train cars.

Things to do in Liverpool once you arrive:

Once you arrive in Liverpool, you’ll probably start to notice things from The Beatles songs all around you — Penny Lane, Strawberry Fields, and so on — and you may feel the sudden urge to incorporate Beatles lyrics into every other sentence. We did a pretty good job of it in our description of the Beatles and Liverpool Tour, which you can read here. We dare you to use more puns than we did!

The Beatles Story Liverpool England
The Beatles Story, Liverpool England. Image © ell brown

The Beatles and Liverpool Tour includes round trip train fare from London to Liverpool, entry to the Beatles Story and Magical Mystery Tour, free time to explore the city, and, if you choose first class, your meals aboard the trains are included as well. You’ll visit the Matthew Street Gallery, Cavern Pub, and over 30 other sites that give insight or pay homage to our favorite British rockers.

If you’re a bigger fan of standard sightseeing than you are of musical milestones, there’s plenty else in Liverpool to hold your attention. Fans of UNESCO World Heritage sites will be happy to know that Liverpool is one of them, thanks to its beautiful waterfront. According to UNESCO, the city was granted this status in 2004 because it was a ‘supreme example of a commercial port at the time of Britain’s greatest global significance’. We won’t argue with that.

If you’re a fan of sports, you probably know that Liverpool’s football team (soccer for us) is extremely successful, and you probably feel as intensely about the games as people in Liverpool do. We imagine that attending a football game in Liverpool would resemble the experience of having attended any and all Beatles concerts during the height of their popularity: loud, hectic, intense, and ridiculously fun.

Meanwhile, for fans of a much quieter hobby — museum hopping — Liverpool has an abundance of options. In fact, it has more national museums than any other city in the UK (aside from London, of course). You can peruse almost any era of artwork, from pre-20th century (Sudley House), pre-Raphaelite (Walker House Gallery), to modern art (Tate Liverpool Gallery).

Those who are fans of keeping their children happy on vacations will be equally happy to hear that Liverpool is very child-friendly. Your kids will arrive in Liverpool already in a good mood, as they will have received their Vkids bag on the train from London to Liverpool: a gift bag that includes books, crayons, activity sheets, games, a magazine, and more treats to keep them entertained.

Albert Dock, Liverpool England
Beautiful Liverpool waterfront from Albert Dock. Image © British Tourist Authority

Once in the city, try out a boat trip on the Mersey Ferry, which will travel along the city’s UNESCO-worthy waterfront. Kids can play in the Maritime Museum, The Walker children’s gallery, or even in the Discovery Zone at the Beatles Story attraction. We are quite intrigued by the Curious About Liverpool walking tour, which claims to be not unlike a treasure hunt for both kids and adults. Count us in!

And lastly, fans of the English language will be delighted to learn that people from Liverpool are referred to as Liverpudlians, which sounds like something out of a fantasy novel. Not a travel tip, but definitely a useful addition to any traveler’s vocabulary (or your next fantasy novel).

Hopefully by now we have convinced you to leave London behind — even if just for a day — to explore one of the other wonderful cities England has to offer. No matter what type of fan you are when you leave for Liverpool — a sports fan, a family-fun fan, a music fan, a museum fan — you will definitely head back to London as a newly christened Liverpool fan.

And you’ll probably have at least five Beatles songs stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

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