Frankfurt to Munich: Two Great Cities – One Impressive Train

Frankfurt to Munich by train. Sounds like a nice Saturday, right?

Most travelers know Munich for the beer. Every fall, beer enthusiasts flock to this beautiful Bavarian city by the Isar River to join in the Oktoberfest revelry. But fall isn’t the only lively season in Munich — in fact, it’s difficult to find an “off season” in a city that offers so much all year round. The museums are thought to be some of the best in Germany, even when compared to Berlin.

The architecture is stunning, both ancient and modern buildings alike. Castles stand side-by-side with more recently erected buildings, most of which were constructed after large parts of the city were decimated during WWII. The city is also home to two large research universities and several impressive technology and science museums (not to mention the BMW museum).

Marienplatz and Fraunkirche in Munich
Marienplatz and Fraunkirche in Munich photo courtesy of Patrick Holler

Frankfurt, meanwhile, is often just another stop on someone’s train route. Not that there is anything wrong with Frankfurt — in fact, many travelers don’t realize that it has one of the most imposing skylines in all of Germany, or that it produced Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, or even that it is the seat of the European Central Bank. Although slightly overshadowed by its more popular neighbors — Berlin, Munich, and Cologne, to name a few — Frankfurt has so much to offer travelers in the way of charm and culture.

In fact, Frankfurt beats Munich in one aspect as far as we are concerned — we offer the Frankfurt Card, useful for exploring the city via public transportation and receiving discounts to certain attractions… but currently there is no such card for Munich! Way to go, Frankfurt.

Munich isn’t totally left out, though — we do offer a WalkiTalki sightseeing tour, which is perfect for the independent traveler who wants to stick it out on his or her own with just a little bit of guidance along the way.

Frankfurt Germany
Frankfurt, Germany in the evening hours

Maybe one of the reasons that Frankfurt is usually a stop on any traveler’s German itinerary is that it is so easy to reach by train. Most cities in Germany are, in fact. The DB train system is extremely efficient, with some of the sleekest, cleanest, most attractive high speed trains in Europe. Here are a few quick tips for traveling from Frankfurt to Munich by train.

Distance: 244 miles

Journey time: The train from Frankfurt to Munich takes about 3 hours, 20 minutes.

Train type: This route is covered by the ICE  (InterCity Express) trains, which offer both Comfort class (first class) and Economy class (second class).

With a ticket: Seat reservations are required for certain departure times and are required for most of the trains along this route, since the trip from Frankfurt to Munich can be a popular one. Seat reservations are included in the price of the ticket when they are required.

With a Pass: If traveling with a rail pass that includes Germany, travelers can purchase a seat reservation supplement for this route. For some trains, the reservation is required. When you search for this route online, each departure time will indicate if a reservation is required for that particular time.

We hope you enjoy your trip to Germany! As always, don’t forget to share your pictures with us on our Facebook page and our Instagram account (@raileurope).

Especially if those pictures involve beautiful Bavarian landscapes or delicious German treats.

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  1. Fenwyck Cat

    hmm, I would recommend other day trips, such as Chiemsee, Salzburg, Innsbruck, Heidelberg, Rothenburg, Mittenwald/Garmisch-Partenkirchen, or even Nuremberg.
    Don’t get me wrong, Frankfurt is nice (I was stationed there in the US Army) but there are other perhaps more interesting places.

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  2. tammy

    how much does a train ticket cost from Frankfort to Munich and how safe is for a 17 year old girl to travel alone there

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