Visitor Oyster Card

This Oyster opens up all of London.

Introducing the Visitor Oyster Card from Rail Europe, an electronic pay-as-you-go travel smartcard for London. Good on all bus, Tube, tram, Dockland Light Railway, London Overland and some National Rail routes, it always gives you the cheapest fare for your trip. And it guarantees that no matter how many times you use it in a 24-hour period, you’ll never be charged more than the price of a London day travel card. It works brilliantly for both consecutive and non-consecutive travel days with no expiration date. As well as giving you a great choice of practical and spontaneous travel options from the moment you hit London.

There’s even 5 card options to make sure there’s a perfect one for you. So why deal with fumbling for cash, counting unfamiliar currency or looking for money exchanges when all you need to do is the Oyster Card to hop on your journey? The Visitor Oyster Card from Rail Europe. Because a lot of oysters contain pearls. But this is the only one that contains all of London.

Here’s what’s included:

    • Visitor Oyster Card offers electronic, pay-as-you-go card that calculates the cheapest fare for your journey and caps when a daily limit is reached.
    • Travel is valid for all zones of the London Underground, buses, trams, Docklands Light Railway, Gatwick Express, London Overland Services and some National Rail services in the London area.
    • Choice of 5 pre-paid Visitor Oyster Cards.
    • Card does not expire and can be used any day as long as the card is not empty.
    • Card is used as you travel around London.  Credit will be deducted from your card every time you travel on public transportion. Once you reach maximum price the card can charge per day you will not be charged for the rest of the day, no matter how many times you use the card.
    • Groups of 10 or more get a 5% discount on Visitor Oyster Card.



    • Travelers must touch the Card on the large, yellow reader at the beginning and end of travel on the Underground, Docklands Light Railway, Gatwick Express, Overground and National Rail service.
    • Traveler who are traveling on the buses and trams you will need to touch the Card on the yellow reader when boarding the buses or trams. 
    • Children under age 5 are free.
    • Up to four children ages 5 - 10 can travel free on the Underground, Docklands Light Railway and National Rail services when accompanied by an adult who has a valid Visitor Oyster Card.
    • Validities are purchased as prices in £(GBP) and include the price of the card plus the £5.00 activation fee.
    • Visitor Oyster Card is not valid on Heathrow Express or Stanstead Express.
    • Prices are subject to change.
Which National Rail lines accept the Oyster Card?

  • Amersham - Marylebone
  • Finsbury Park - King's Cross/Moorgate
  • Greenford/West Drayton - London Paddington
  • Stratford - Liverpool Street
  • Tottenham Hale/Seven Sisters - Stratford
  • Upminster/Rainham (Essex) - Fenchurch Street/Liverpool Street via Barking (but not at Forest Gate/Maryland)
  • Walthamstow Central/Tottenham Hale/Seven Sisters - Liverpool Street
  • Watford Junction - Euston (London Midland)
  • Watford Junction - Clapham Junction (Southern)
  • West Hampstead (Thameslink) - Moorgate/Elephant & Castle/London Bridge
  • West Ruislip- Marylebone /Paddington

Can I add more money to my Oyster Card once in London and what’s the most I can be charged, per day, on my Visitor Oyster Card?

Yes, money can be added at any one of over 3,000 standard outlets in London, including Tube stations, London Overground stations, Oyster Ticket Stops and London Travel Information Centers.

The chart below shows the maximum amount your card can be charged per day.

Zones 1-2          £6.50
Zones 1-3          £7.60
Zones 1-4          £9.30
Zones 1-5          £11.00
Zones 1-6          £11.80
Zones 1-9          £16.90
Gatwick to London
Gatwick Airport via         Peak            Off-peak
Thameslink                    £30.50        £19.00
Southem                       £30.50        £19.00
Gatwick Express             n/a              n/a
Is there a map for the Oyster Card?

Yes, to view a PDF version of the map click here

What is the difference between the London Travel Card and the Visitor Oyster Card?

The London Travel Card and Visitor Oyster Card both have great features depending on your travel plans. Consider this when selecting your card:

London Travel Card

  • is a great option when you will be traveling in London for a specific number of days and plan on taking the Tube and Buses.
  • is good if you know you will only be traveling in 2 or 6 zones when you purchase the card.
  • requires you to provide your 1st date of travel.
  • is valid for a set amount of days regardless of how much you travel.
Visitor Oyster Card
  • is a great option if you are using London as hub to travel to other parts of Britain.
  • can be used in all zones.
  • is only charged when you travel on it.
  • does not expire.
  • allows you can to add more money to the card as needed.