London Travel Card

Even the Queen couldn’t get around London any easier.

The London Travel Card gives you a choice of unlimited travel throughout all 6 (or just the 2 central) zones of London's buses and subways. Available through Rail Europe, it lets you hop on-and-off the Tube or bus whenever you like, without searching for tickets or fumbling for change. Nothing makes London travel easier. Even if you had a horse-drawn carriage and a castle to call your own, you’d still be subjected to the whims of traffic at rush hour when the Tube would be preferred. And the bus is perfect for a more leisurely pace through celebrated streets at perfect sightseeing level. With the Tubes and buses the day is your own, free of the usual transportation pressures or dollars to pounds conversion confusion. At Rail Europe, we’re always working to make your vacation as stress-free as it is memorable. And besides, doesn’t every visitor to London deserve to be treated like royalty?

Here’s what’s included:

    • Choose unlimited travel throughout all 6 zones or the 2 central zones on London's buses and Tube (subway).
    • 7-day travel card available for the Central Zone (zones 1 & 2).
    • All Travel Cards can be used all day including weekends.
    • Groups of 10 or more get a 5% discount on London Travel Card.



    • Residents of Britain are not eligible to purchase or use a London Travel Card.
    • Up to 4 children under age of 11 years will be entitled to travel free on the Tube, Dockland Light Rail (DLR) and some National Rail routes when traveling with an adult (over 18 years old) who has a valid ticket. Conductor may require proof of a child's age.
      • Free travel is only available Monday -Friday after 9:30am and on Saturdays, Sundays and public Holidays.
    • Travel Card must be valid for all the zones when using the Tube, DLR, or National Rail.
    • Travel beyond the zones covered on the card will incur an extension fare (fine).
    • Card is not valid on airport transports including the Heathrow Express, Gatwick Express or Stansted Express.
    • Card must be validated at time of purchase.
    • Card is non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
    • Card is valid until 4:30am on the following date of expiration.
    • Travel during holiday season will require reconfirmation of hours of operation.
    • Valid from January 1 though December 31
Why should I purchase the London Travel Card before I depart for Europe?

Peace of mind, convenience, and the ability to immediately start saving money and time upon arrival.

What is the difference between the London Travel Card and the Visitor Oyster Card?
The London Travel Card and Visitor Oyster Card both have great features depending on your travel plans. Consider this when selecting your card:

London Travel Card
  • is a great option when you will be traveling in London for a specific number of days and plan on taking the Tube and Buses.
  • is good if you know you will only be traveling in 2 or 6 zones when you purchase the card.
  • requires you to provide your 1st date of travel.
  • is valid for a set amount of days regardless of how much you travel.
Visitor Oyster Card
  • is a great option if you are using London as hub to travel to other parts of Britain.
  • can be used in all zones.
  • is only charged when you travel on it.
  • does not expire.
  • allows you can to add more money to the card as needed.
Is there a map for the London Travel Card?
Yes, to view a PDF version of the map click here.