Rail Europe Lowest Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Rail Europe Lowest Price Guarantee Terms and Conditions

By submitting a Rail Europe Lowest Price Guarantee Claim Form, you fully and unconditionally agree that you are bound by the Rail Europe Terms & Conditions.

In order for your Lowest Price Guarantee Claim to be valid, Rail Europe must be satisfied that your claim meets all of the requirements.

Rail Europe will not accept any Lowest Price Guarantee claim that it believes, in its sole discretion, is the result of a printing or other error or is made in bad faith.

The price difference that you submit in Rail Europe’s Lowest Price Guarantee Claim Form, must be a comparison of the price of any rail pass or train ticket purchased on raileurope.com vs. another online published price offered in USD

The lower published price you are addressing in your claim must be available for booking at the time you submit your claim form.

Rail Europe will not accept screenshots or other submissions of that sort as proof of the lower price.
The lower price in the claim must be for an identical rail pass or train ticket. All booking details, including the following, must exactly match the details of the product you booked on raileurope.com:

  • Same rail carrier or product provider
  • Same class of service
  • Same exchange or refund conditions
  • Same traveler type (adult, youth etc…)
  • Same number of travel days
  • Same number of travelers
  • Same date and time of travel
  • Same route

The lower online price from a different web site must be displayed in US dollars only.

The Lowest Price Guarantee excludes any and all non-rail products offered on raileurope.com, such as city tours, excursions etc.

For any single product purchased on Rail Europe’s site, a lower online price must be a rate for another single product. For example, for a single train trip purchased on Rail Europe, a lower online price must not include the rail portion of a rail + hotel package sold on any other web site.
The product to which the comparison is being made must be identical to product purchased from Rail Europe in all aspects, as indicated above.

A rate advertised in error and not available for booking will not be accepted as a lower online price. A lower online price must come from a web site other than raileurope.com.

Acceptable lower online prices do not include rates on web sites where product detail such as carrier, time of travel, etc. are unknown until after purchase, or where prices are determined by any sort of auction or bidding.

Acceptable lower online price must be both advertised and available to the general public, and shall not include corporate discounts or rates, group rates, charter rates, rewards program rates, incentives, meeting rates, convention rates, consolidator or interline prices or prices available only by using a coupon, or any other rates or promotions not offered to the general public.

Acceptable lower online price must not come from a web site which requires you to call to get the rate, or from an email that you received. The Lowest Price Guarantee applies only to the base cost of the rail pass or train ticket, and not tax recovery charges, booking fees, shipping fees or any additional cost charged by Rail Europe.

Each traveler shall be limited to five (5) Lowest Price Guarantee claims per calendar month, regardless of the number of accounts used.  Any modifications, changes or cancelations made to an existing booking that has an associated Lowest Price Guarantee claim will result in voiding of the claim.

Rail Europe reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify or discontinue the Lowest Price Guarantee or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice or liability to you. Rail Europe's failure to enforce any provision of these Terms & Conditions shall not constitute a waiver of that provision.

The terms contained in the Rail Europe Site Terms of Use are incorporated and made a part of these Terms & Conditions.