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Swiss Sale: 5 Days for the Price of 4

~ Travelers to Switzerland can enjoy an extra day of rail travel at no extra cost~

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., January 9, 2013 –Rail Europe Inc., the North American leader in European rail travel, partners with Switzerland Tourism and The Swiss Travel System to offer the Swiss Sale: 5 Days for the price of 4.

When making a purchase during the Swiss Sale: 5 Days for the price of 4, travelers receive a 1st class 5-day Swiss Pass or a 1st class 5-day Swiss Saver Pass, for the price of a 4 day pass! This offer is valid for sale from Feb.1 to Apr.25, 2013. Travel must be completed by Apr. 30, 2013.

Bookings can be made by visiting Rail Europe’s website at, or by calling Rail Europe’s Contact Center. Prices* for 1st class seating start at $482 for the 4-day consecutive Swiss Pass and at $410, for the 4-day Swiss Saver Pass.

For travelers looking to get the most out of their Swiss travel experience, the Swiss Pass is perfect! It is a part of the larger Swiss Travel System and includes extensive travel on trains, buses and boats (including scenic trains such as the Glacier Express, Golden Pass Line or Wilhelm Tell Express); the public transportation in more than 45 Swiss cities; a 50% price reduction off most mountain railways as well as free admission to more than 450 museums in Switzerland.

*Prices are subject to change.