Norway : NSB

The railway network of Norway is operated by the Norwegian State Railways’ network (Norway’s NSB). NSB operates more than 3000 km of railway tracks and has carried more than 52 million train passengers in 2009.

The Norwegian State Railways’ network (Norway’s NSB) is also known as the Norges Statsbaner AS and was created in 1996. The NSB operates InterCity trains, Regional trains and Commuter trains.

Neighboring Scandinavian countries can be reached by train from Norway. The Eurail Scandinavia Pass allows travellers to travel in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The high-speed Airport Express links the Oslo airport to the center of Oslo. Passengers can enjoy the beautiful view, rivers and mountains on the way.

Train, bus and boat travelled are combined in the Fjord Tours. Holders of a Eurail Pass, with a discount of 30%, can travel to Europe’s longest and deepest fjord, the Sognefjorden.

Europe’s tallest rock face, the Troll Wall or Trollveggen in Norwegian, can be accessed trains operation on the Rauma line. The route includes spectacular 180 degree tunnels.

Seat reservations are recommended on long-distance trains.

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