Hungary : MÁV

The Hungarian Railways are operated by the state owned. The Hungarian State Railways (Magyar Államvasutak or MÁV) main mission is to meet the expectations of its customers. In this regard, Hungarian State Railways always strive to improve its services. This improvement means new and modern trains, more trains links and putting forward train travel as a viable mode of transport. Hungarian State Railways operates more than 7000 km of train tracks and has carried more than 130 million passengers in 2010.


Categories of train:

  • InterCity
  • Express
  • Gyorsvonat (fast trains)
  • Szemelyvonat (passenger trains)

Description of operator

The Hungarian State Railways connect Hungary both domestically and internationally with 657 stations on its railway lines. In 2010, the company operated more than 2600 km of international train network.

The Intercity train is, for example, the fastest way to reach Budapest from several Hungarian main cities. It usually takes 2 to 3 hours to connect main cities to Budapest.

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