France : SNCF

SNCF is the national train operator of France’s railway network. The SNCF (french: Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer) is one of the world’s biggest rail companies with worldwide implementation. In France, the SNCF operates high speed trains and regional trains. Its high speed trains known as the TVG connects more than 200 cities and towns in France. The train hub is in Paris.

Trains operated by the SNCF also offer connections to main cities in Europe.:

  • The high speed Eurostar train links Paris and London
  • The high speed TGV Lyria links Paris to Geneva, Bern or Zürich in Switwerland. The TGV Lyria operates at a speed of up to 300hm/h.

Many beautiful and interesting cities in France can be reached from Geneva by Brussels by using one of the many TGV. Mediterranean destinations such as Avignon, Marseille, Montpellier or Nimes can be reached from Geneva by the Geneva-Med TGV.

Elipsos trains connect France to Spain and Thello trains connect France to Italy. Thello & TGV France-Italy trains include both day and night trains to Italian cities like Bologna, Florence, Rome, Milan, Turin and Venice.

France Rail Pass offers an unlimited travel in the entire French network which encloses 31000 km of train line. Eurail Passes are also valid in France and can be used to reach other European destinations such as Basel, Geneva, Port Bou, Ventimiglia, cities which are found in Switzerland, Spain and Italy respectively.

French trains serve Monaco which has an underground train station. Daily trains connect Monaco to France, Italy and other neighboring European countries. Domestic trains known as the Téoz trains serve mostly the southern destinations from Paris.

Reservation is usually required for some domestic and international trains (Eurostar, ICE and Thalys).

Our tips

  • Major SNCF train stations in France provide a selection of services ranging from information desks, shops, restaurants, banks, baggage storage etc.
  • SNCF’s operated trains also links airports to city centers. Passengers can easily reach the center of Paris from the Charles de Gaulle international airport by train.
  • A Eurail Pass which includes France in its offer will also you to travel on the entire French rail network. Seat reservation, when required, is easy.

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