Czech Republic : CD

České dráhy (CD), the Czech Railways, is the main railway operator in the Czech Republic. CD serves most Czech cities, towns and villages. The rail network offers a good interconnection, making train travel the most convenient way to reach a destination in the Czech Republic.

With more than 7000 train connections, CD trains connect small beautiful towns to the EuroCity internatiional network trains. Popular local routes include Prague-Brno (3 hour trip) and Prague-Olomouc (3 hour trip). Popular international connections include Prague-Berlin (5 hour trip), Prague-Vienna (4 hour trip) and Prague-Budapest (7 and a half hour trip).

Some of the main cities of Europe have a direct connection to the Czech Republic. Trains travel directly from the Czech Republic to Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Hungary. The Central Europe Triangle Pass is an excellent deal allowing passengers to travel Prague, Vienna, Budapest or Salzburg. Holders of Eurail Pass can benefit from a discount on the Expressbus Coach from Prague to Nürernberg in Germany.

The Czech Republic trains have 6 categories, from local trains to fast trains operating between the biggest cities. Osobni and Spesny are local trains. Rychlik Express are regional trains. Intercity, Eurocity and Supercity are fast trains used on long distances.

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