Croatia : HZ

Croatia’s capital city, Zagreb, is the converging point of the Croatian Railways’ network (HZ Hrvatske Zeljeznice).

The Croatia Railway Network offers connections to several train routes in Europe. The route from Central Europe to the Adriatic and the Mediterranean is one of the shortest connections.

The Croatia Railway Network connects all main cities in Croatia. However the city of Dubrovnik is not served. You must take a train to Split and from there, a bus to to reach Dubrovnik. Since 2004 the Croatia Railway Network uses tilting trains operating at 160 km/h to link Zagren, Split, Rijeka and Osijek. The Zagreb to Split journey now takes 5 and a half hours instead of 9 hours previously. The journey is much more comfortable, thus make the ride from Zagreb to Split more enjoyable. The train from Zagreb to Split takes only 3 hours.

Travellers can choose to buy a Eurail Pass which offers many advantages. Eurail offers a Pass for Croatia-Slovenia-Hungary. Travellers can also choose the direct lines from Austria, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, Hungary, Slovenia, Italy and Greece. Travellers on the Zagreb to Split route will experience a scenic ride.

Travellers need to have a reservation when travelling onboard of the Intercity (IC) for the Zagreb-Rijeka/Osijek/Cakovec route and onboard the fast ICN Zagreb-Split train. Reservations are recommended for Express trains. No reservation is needed for local trains. Executive trains have only first class facilities. For more details please check Croatia’s train schedule.

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