Belgium : NMBS/SNCB

NMBS/SNCB is the Belgian public rail company which guarantees operational and marketing services by connecting Belgium with France, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Germany via fast InterCity (IC) trains.

SNCB plays a key role in the development of sustainable mobility by providing a reliable and quality service.

At the Brussels Midi Station, the newly operational Departure Today Zone, allows same-day international travel. Displayed information and fast ticket collection make transits easier.

Travelling with Belgium’s NMBS/SNCB rail network is simple and time saving. It only takes 30 minutes to connect Bruges and Ghent and 50 minutes to connect Ghent and Antwerp.

The NMBS/SNCB has participations in High Speed Thalys trains and Eurostar allowing you to travel from Brussels to Paris in 1hour 22mins and from Brussels to London in 1hour 51mins.

NMBS/SNCB offers a variety of services in Belgium. You can travel onboard of Eurostar within Belgium without any reservation. For a little extra, you can travel similarly on board of Thalys.

The Rail Pass is an excellent value for money choice, if you are above 26. It allows you to have 10 single way trips within Belgium.

It is mandatory to reserve your seat for an international trip. Reservations are not necessary for domestic train trips within Belgium.

Beverages and meals are available for sale on board. Restaurants and mobile mni-bars operate onboard.

Our tips

  •, a member of Rail Europe 4A, belongs to the first rail distributor of "Any Belgian Station" fare. The latter allows you to benefit from a discount rate for a Eurostar/Thalys/TGV ticket plus a connection on the Belgium rail’s network.
  • Experience a hassle free journey in Belgium. No compulsory reservation needed withing Belgium. You can board any train with a valid Rail Pass, including those in Netherlands and Luxemburg.
  • Explore Belgium, explore beyond Belgium. With the NMBS/SNCB network, you can easily connect with a Eurostar, Thalys, TGV or ICE train to visit neighbouring countries.

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