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Rail Europe is a dedicated source for planning and booking European train tickets, rail passes, and more.

We are happy to consider requests from print and online journalists who want to experience train travel with any one of our rail partners, and who will then share with their audience their journey and understanding of our own service, as it relates to planning and booking train travel. We do prefer to sponsor journalists who not only have a passion for travel but who are also willing to write about experiences that are relevant to our target audience.

To request sponsorship for an upcoming journey, please complete the Complimentary Request Form below and return it to us no later than three weeks before your departure date.

NOTE: Before submitting your request, we ask that you spend some time on our website planning your trip and identifying the products and schedule that best meets your need. While we would like to support every request, it sometimes is not possible. Please know we will take every measure to evaluate your need and do our best to help when we can.

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