Renfe Spain Pass

Renfe Spain Pass: An E-Pass To Explore Spain

The Renfe Spain Pass is an e-pass that lets you travel on the national rail network of Spain, with your choice of first (Business/Club) or second (Tourist) class travel for 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 train segments (trips) within a one-month period. Also included with this pass are Renfe reservations on Spanish trains.

Important Things To Note:

  • You will receive your Print At Home e-pass via email with information about booking reservations.
  • Each train segment requires a reservation.
  • Reservations for the Renfe Spain Pass are included in the cost of the pass but cannot be booked online. Once you have received the e-pass via email. you can schedule reservations in Spain or through Rail Europe’s Contact Center by email.
  • A train segment is one train trip made without changing trains. Each change of trains is an additional train segment.
  • This pass is not valid on night trains or on international trains in and out of Spain.
  • Passport number is required at time of purchase.

Travel in speedy, stress-free comfort on AVE trains to go east from Madrid to Barcelona in just 2 hours 43 minutes; or head south from Madrid to historic Seville, just a 2 hour 20 minute ride. It’s all up to you.

And your Renfe Spain Pass is good for even more: it also unlocks free or discounted tourist cards and discounts at many hotels and museums all over Spain.

Here's what you get:

  • Travel on the Renfe network for a specified number of rail segments (trips) on the national rail network of Spain.
  • Choice of 4, 6, 8, 10 or 12 rail segments (trips) to be used within 1 month.
  • Travel on the Spanish Day trains including the AVE train.
  • Reservations are included in the price of the pass and can be made at a Renfe rail station or through Rail Europe's Contact Center. Reservations cannot be booked online.

Conditions of Use

  • Residents of Spain are not eligible to purchase or use this pass.
  • Travel on a Renfe Spain Pass must begin within 6 months of purchase date.
  • Reservations need to be issued starting with your first date of travel. Once selected you can’t pick an earlier date.
  • Reservations available provided the train is not full in the class of service of your Renfe Spain Pass.
  • Pass is non-transferable and must be presented with your valid passport.
  • Renfe Spain Pass allows you to complete your journey by commuter train provided that it connects with the place of origin or destination of your booking.
  • Pass Holders of a Tourist class (second-class) pass must pay a supplement to travel in Business/Club (first-class). Supplement is calculated based on the standard prices and fares.
  • Pass cannot be altered or tampered with, if the pass is used by a person other than the holder, the traveler will be deemed to be traveling without a ticket. The pass will be confiscated and the prevailing regulations will be enforced as appropriate.
  • Pass cannot be used without a reservation. If a pass is used without a reservation, the traveler will be deemed to be traveling without a ticket and will risk payment of a full-fare ticket and a fine, subject to the rules of RENFE, the national railway company.
  • The Renfe Spain Pass is not accepted on overnight trains.
  • Passes are 85% refundable if canceled up to 3 business days prior to the first travel segment. Thereafter, the Renfe Spain Pass is non-refundable.
  • The pass is not eligible for a refund once travel has begun.
  • A reservation segment can be canceled in Spain free of charge up to 15 minutes before the train is scheduled to depart.
  • Once a reservation segment is canceled, the canceled segment is restored to the pass. If a reservation is not cancelled, the segment will be considered "used".
  • When applicable, Rail Protection Plan™ will be offered prior to payment.
  • If a pass is damaged, lost or stolen, a duplicate can be requested free of charge at the ticket offices of authorized stations.
  • Prices are subject to change.