Eurail Norway-Sweden Pass

  • Norway
    Summer homes overlook the scenic fjord of Oslo. © Nancy Bundt -
  • Sweden
    Enjoy views of the Grand Theater in Kungsparken, Sweden. © Göran Assner/
  • Norway
    The Bergen skyline is spectacular by night. © Gaby Bohle -
  • NSB
    It’s always peak season for beauty. © NSB
  • SJ High Speed
    Pretty. Fast. 125 mph through Sweden. © Kasper Dudzik

It’s your turn to conquer the home of the Vikings

It’s hard to understand why anyone living in such places of natural beauty would ever leave. Yet the Vikings did so repeatedly in search of new lands and trade routes. Fortunately, it’s much easier for you to see what they left behind with the Eurail Norway-Sweden Pass from Rail Europe.

It lets you travel by train anywhere it goes, following nothing but your own schedule and the rails. Travel among the local people and view the regions natural beauty through picture windows, free from the distraction of driving or the miniaturized perspective of flying. And there’s so much to see.

From the Swedish beauty of downtown Stockholm to Norway’s many majestic fjords. From small, charm-filled villages to authentic natural marvels. With Rail Europe, experience more of Norway and Sweden, traveling by train, than you ever thought possible. And certainly more than the Vikings ever could have imagined.

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