Eurail Czech Republic-Germany Pass

A rail pass that’s rail fast? Only in Germany

Travelers agree that seeing Germany by rail is not only fun and relaxing, it may very well be the best way to explore the country—while staying budget-conscious. That’s because the German rail system is extraordinarily efficient, and you can reach almost every city in Germany via train.

This Eurail Pass provides travel time ranging from 5-10 days (used however you’d like within a two-month period—in a row, or scattered throughout). With the Eurail Czech Republic-Germany Pass, you’ll travel on the ultra-quiet, high-speed ICE (Inter-City Express) trains that whisk you to your destination in little time while watching charming German landscape pass by. 

Next stop?  Why not Eastern Europe? Use this one pass to travel from a German city to a Czech city.  And, once in the Czech Republic, the entire railway network is yours to enjoy.  So visit popular Prague. Or hoist a Pilsner In Pilzen.

Here's what you get:

  • Unlimited train travel on the national rail networks in the Czech Republic and Germany.
  • Choice of 5, 6, 8 or 10 days of unlimited train travel within a 2-month period.
  • Travel days may be used consecutively or non-consecutively.


Conditions of Use

  • Residents of Europe, the Russian Federation or Turkey are not eligible to purchase or use this rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be activated within 6 months of purchase date at the train station by a railway official.
  • The railway official will write the passport number on your rail pass.
  • When a saver pass is purchased all travelers in the party must be present when validating the rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be validated prior to boarding the first train or before using a passholder bonus.
  • The date of travel must be entered into the corresponding box on the rail pass by the traveler before boarding the first train of the day or when utilizing a passholder bonus.
  • Travelers must either carry a passport or U.S. Military I.D. in order to travel with this rail pass.
  • Rail passes are 85% refundable up to 1 year after the purchase date if the rail pass has not been validated or used.
  • Rail passes are non refundable if lost or stolen except as covered by Rail Protection Plan™.
  • Reservations and supplements are not included in the rail pass and are at an additional cost.
  • Prices are subject to change.