BritRail England Guest Pass

Looking for some cost-conscious companionship when traveling England? Bring a Brit!

Now, you can travel by train through England with a guest from Britain at significant savings: 50% off a BritRail pass—25% off for you, and 25% off for your British companion. The BritRail England Guest Pass provides unlimited travel on the rail networks of England, and is valid for as little as 4 days, or as many as one month, used on consecutive or non-consecutive days.

Start your journey in London and its countless historical and cultural attractions, including the 900-year old Tower of London, once a royal palace. Or Tate Modern, Britain’s museum of modern art. Then make your way to Liverpool, the home of those fab-four English lads. Or set your sights on the Cliffs of Dover. Gigantic yet pristine, they embody the innate beauty of the coast. Want to bond with your British bud? Then this is the perfect place for some rock pooling or fossiling.

Here's what you get:

  • Rail pass entitles the international traveler to be accompanied by a British resident at a discount.
  • Valid in first- or second-class.


Conditions of Use

  • Rail passes must be validated within 6 months of purchase date at the rail station by a railway official.
  • The railway official will write the passport number on your rail pass.
  • The date of travel must be entered into the corresponding box on the rail pass by the traveler before boarding the first train of the day.
  • Travelers must either carry a passport or U.S. Military I.D. in order to travel with this rail pass.
  • A Party Pass is not available for a guest pass.
  • Rail passes are 85% refundable up to 6 months after the purchase date if the rail pass has not been validated or used.
  • Rail passes are non refundable if lost or stolen except as covered by Rail Protection Plan™.
  • Prices are subject to change.