Balkan Flexipass

Awe-inspired? You will be once you experience Europe’s beginnings

The Balkan Flexipass delivers one exciting rail ride through the cities, villages, and stunning landscapes that defined the start of European civilization: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, and Turkey. And the pass lets you decide where and when you want to travel—in either consecutive or non-consecutive days.

You’ll be amazed by the rugged mountain views of Bulgaria’s Balkan Peninsula and humbled by its famous monasteries. Visit Romania’s romantic medieval region of Transylvania (“The Land Beyond the Forest”), after you’ve basked in a nearby therapeutic lake or spa. Or, just mingle with the locals in Macedonia’s Old Skopje Bazaar, a bustling, cobbled-street marketplace selling Turkish teas and fine linens. Each and every location is a touchstone of archaeological, architectural, and cultural magnificence. And you can experience one or all when you get on track with the Balkan Flexipass.


Here's what you get:

  • Unlimited travel on the national rail networks in Bulgaria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Greece,  Montenegro, Republic of Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, The Serbian Entity of Bosnia Herzegovina, and Turkey.
  • Choice of 5, 10, or 15 days of unlimited train travel in a one-month period.
  • 1st class train travel.

Discounted offers:

  • Discount for travelers under 26 years of age.
  • Discount for travelers over 60 years of age.
  • Discount for children between the ages of 4-12. 

Conditions of Use

  • Residents of Greece, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey are not eligible to purchase or use this rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be validated within 6 months of purchase date at the train station by a railway official.
  • The railway official will write the passport number on your rail pass.
  • Rail passes must be validated prior to boarding the first train, first ship or before using a passholder bonus.
  • The date of travel must be entered into the corresponding box on the rail pass by the traveler before boarding the first train of the day or when utilizing a passholder bonus.
  • Travelers must carry a passport in order to travel with this rail pass.
  • Rail passes are 90% refundable up to 1 year after the purchase date if the rail pass has not been validated or used.
  • Rail passes are non refundable if lost or stolen except as covered by Rail Protection Plan™.
  • Reservations and supplements are not included in the rail pass and are at an additional cost.
  • All prices are subject to change.