Understanding Rail ’n Drive passes

  • What is a Rail ’n Drive pass?

    Exclusively offered by Rail Europe, a Rail ‘n Drive pass combined a rail pass along with a certain number of car rental days. This allowed travelers to use the mode of transportation most convenient at every step of their European itinerary.

    As of January 1, 2014, Rail Europe is no longer offering Rail ‘n Drive products. However, we do provide a vast and comprehensive array of European rail passes and train tickets – perfect for any journey.

  • What is a car day?

    A car day is a 24-hour period of time during which you have your rental car. The hours are counted from the time you pick up it up until the time you drop it off. For instance, if you pick up your car at noon on Monday it would need to be returned before noon on Tuesday to count as one day.

  • Can anyone drive the rental car or does the travel party need to specify a lead driver?

    When booking a Rail ’n Drive pass, a primary driver will need to be named. Only the primary driver should be driving the car. If you wish to add a second driver to the record, please do this when picking up the car. Additional fees may apply.

  • What is the age requirement to rent a car?

    The rental companies require that the primary driver be at least 26 years old at the time of the rental.

  • Can I use my car days in different cities?

    Yes, you can split up your car rental days in multiple cities. (Please note that If you're traveling with a Eurail Select Pass 'n Drive and utilizing a car in Spain, or traveling with a Eurail Spain Pass 'n Drive, one-way rentals within Spain have a 3-day minimum. A 7-day minimum is required if the car is being dropped off outside of Spain.)