Traveling with a Rail ’n Drive pass

  • If I pick up a car in one location and drop it off at another, is there a fee?

    Additional fees may be involved, depending on the pick-up and drop-off location. If we reserve the car rental on your behalf, before finalizing the booking we’ll advise you of any additional fees. (Also note that If you're traveling with a Eurail Select Pass 'n Drive and utilizing a car in Spain, or traveling with a Eurail Spain Pass 'n Drive, the minimum for one-way rentals within Spain is 3 days. If you rent a car in Spain and plan to drop it off in another country, the minimum is 7 days.)

  • What car rental company is used with your Rail ‘n Drive pass products?

    All Rail ‘n Drives include Hertz as the car rental company. The France Rail ‘n Drives offer a choice between Avis and Hertz.

  • What are the driver license requirements for each country?

    For most countries in Europe, an international driver’s license is recommended. International driver’s licenses are only valid if presented with the original local license and are not accepted alone. They may be purchased through your automobile club, where you’ll also find the most current regulations for your destination country.

  • What if I need to change my car reservation?

    The car rental company can assist you with changing your car reservation. Get in touch with them by phone.

    Keep in mind that the car needs to be confirmed over the phone with the vendor a minimum of 3 days prior to pick-up. Car confirmations are subject to availability. Customers walking up to the Hertz/Avis counter to rent a car are not accepted.