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Le Freece Train
Le Frecce Train

Le Frecce is a great way to be whisked to Rome, Florence, Venice, Milan, Bologna or Naples while enjoying the stunning scenery in stress-free comfort. Rail Europe offers the same Le Frecce train tickets and fares in North American as are sold in Italy, including access to a vast schedule selection. For your convenience, e-ticketing options are also available. For the best deal, book now for advance purchase discounts and enjoy the vineyards without the usual whine.


Travel throughout Italy on the high-speed Italo trains.
Italo Train

Travel between Milan, Rome, and 12 other stations at speeds upward of 223 mph on NTV (Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori), the newest generation of high-speed trains. Save even more time with an e-ticket that you print from home. And Rail Europe offers advanced purchase fares on all NTV Italo train tickets with a discount of up to 55%.

Note: the percentage of discount is based on the cost of a full fare ticket purchased on the date of travel. Discount is subject to availability and varies depending on the route.

Florence Train Stations

The Florence Santa Maria Novella Train Station (Firenze SMN) opened in 1935 and features a spacious entrance hall with a glass and steel roof. Most tourist attractions are within walking distance of this station, including the Duomo.

Venice Train Stations

The Venice Santa Lucia Train Station is the main train station that travelers arrive/depart in from Venice. This modern station is conviently located  and provides direct access to the Grand Canal. The station is a perfect entrance to this unique city of Venice. 

More Stations:

Frequently Asked Questions

How long are train tickets valid for?

It depends if you have a ticket with a reservation or an open ticket.

Open tickets are valid for one month from the date of issue. The validity dates will be printed on the tickets. You can travel with an open ticket on any date within the validity period (however, remember: separate reservations may be necessary, depending on the route).

Tickets with reservations are only valid for the train for which the reservation was issued, on that specific travel date and time of travel.

Are train tickets exchangeable and refundable?

It depends. Exchange and refund rules are governed by the kind of fare you purchased. You’ll see that on our website, we’ve categorized train tickets in three flexibility categories.
  • Non Flexible fares, which offer the best value but are generally not exchangeable or refundable
  • Semi Flexible Fares, which may be exchanged or refunded prior to departure but may involve a change fee and penalty
  • Flexible Fares, which can be exchanged prior to departure and are generally fully refundable with no penalty.

When browsing fares on our website, you can read a brief description of each fare flexibility level, and then see the full exchange and refund conditions for each fare by clicking the “read more” link.

Once you have purchased a train ticket from us, its exchange and refund rules will be indicated in your Rail Europe email confirmation, as well as printed with your train ticket and or on the ticket jacket in the case of paper tickets.

Train tickets must be received for exchange or refund within the allowed time frame mentioned in the exchange and refund conditions.

Refunds, when applicable, can only be applied to unused and unvalidated train tickets.

If you’ve purchased the Rail Protection Plan to cover your train ticket, you can exchange it for either the same thing or a new product. To start an exchange under the Rail Protection Plan, please contact us at CustomerRelations@raileurope.com or call 1-800-438-RAIL.

Learn more about refunds & exchanges on tickets & passes booked with Rail Europe in this video.

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Travel from Florence to Venice in comfort & style on a sleek Italo or Le Frecce high-speed train. Both offer local fares & convenience of e-tickets. A fashion icon of Italy, Milan offers high-end shopping, style & luxury goods. While some travel here for the fashion, many others come to see Da Vinci's iconic masterpiece, "The Last Supper." Milan should not be overlooked when making travel plans! Venice offers travelers stunning views. As you step out of the Santa Lucia train station, you will be greeted by the Grand Canal. There is so much to see & do in Venice from St. Mark's Square to the winding canals throughout the city. Florence and Venice must be at the top of any Italian itinerary.

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