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Discover Switzerland by trains, buses, boats and scenic mountain trains.

This is a truly incredible offer on some of the most scenic railways in all of Europe. The Swiss Half Fare Card isn’t just a Swiss train discount of 50% that lasts a month ! It’s a Swiss train discount, and a Swiss bus discount, and a Swiss boat discount, and a Swiss mountain railway discount, at 50% off, all lasting for a full month ! That’s a Swiss half fare that’s ideal for longer stays in Switzerland, especially since there’s public transportation in 75 towns and cities to use it in ! How about that ! A country that’s already famous for chocolate found a way to be even more tempting !

Bernina Express Scenic Train.

How does it work?

Rail Passes in 3 steps

1. Pick the right rail pass

Pick the right rail pass

Rail passes are available in 1, 2, 3 or 4 country combinations for extensive travel on the national rail networks. Going for an extended trip? Try the Eurail Global Pass offering rail travel in 28 different countries.
Once you've selected your pass, its price will depend on the class of service, First or Second, selected and the number of rail travel days.

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2. Reserve your seats

Reserve your seats

For many trains in Switzerland, seat reservations are not required. Simply board the train with your rail pass and choose any open seat.

Book Seat Reservations

3. Activate and travel

Activate and travel

Your pass was pre-validated at the time of booking, it is now valid for use for the duration you selected. You're all set and ready to explore.

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Rail pass benefits

More than just trains

And the Swiss Half Fare Card is packed with bonuses to make your trip even more enjoyable. You'll get discounts on buses and trains or hotels or cruises or ferries or museums or activities, and more.
With the Swiss Half Fare Card, the benefits like the connections it provides - are everywhere. Whether you are an adventurous traveler or avid planner, the Swiss Half Fare Card is your pass to freedom and an unforgettable journey of discovery.

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From our travel community

Swiss half fare card for zurich airport to luzern & luzern to milan Hello,We are two adults and one teen (17 years old) traveling from Zurich Airport to Luzern and then Luzern to Milan. If we purchase the Swiss Half Fare Card, will the Rail Europe tickets be discounted? If so, how do we apply the discount upon (...)

Nadine Licostie | 18 January 2016 complete | 1 Comments
Seat reservations traveling from como to interlaken with swiss half fare card We four adults will be traveling from Como to Interlaken on May 18 and then plan to spend 4 days exploring the Bernese Oberland. We have bought Swiss Rail Half Fare cards. We understand the trip from Como to Interlaken is quite scenic and were (...)

Ann St. Clair | 18 January 2007 complete | 3 Comments
Is swiss travel pass worth paying the extra money vs. a 1 month half-fare card? Hi, I am planning to travel to Switzerland with my girlfriend. Below are the two itineraries I am considering – the difference between itinerary 1 and 2 is that Itinerary 1 does not include a trip to Titlis (instead going directly from Zurich to (...)

Sam | 17 November 2006 complete | 3 Comments
Can i reserve 1st class on the bernina express, glacier express, & golden pass if i have a 2nd class swiss travel (...) I plan to buy a Swiss Travel Pass for second class travel, but I would like to reserve seats and travel in first class on some of the scenic routes such as Bernina Express, Glacier Express and Golden Pass. Is this possible? Travel is planned (...)

Victor Kobilansky | 15 June 2003 complete | 11 Comments
Transport 101 for dummies - munich-fussen-salzburg-vienna-budapest-innsbruck-zurich-basel-strabourg-freiburg-lucerne-interlaken-jungfra Hi all,My itinerary is as below1. Munich 3D- day trip to fussen for the castle2. Munich-Salzburg3. Salzburg-Vienna day trip to wachau valley4. Vienna to Budapest staying for 2D5. Budapest to Innsbrucks6. Innsbrucks to Zurich7. Zurich - basel- (...)

Verah Wang | 14 March 2005 complete | 6 Comments

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