London Travel Card

  • Children under 4 travel for free.




Even the Queen couldn’t get around London any easier.

The London Travel Card gives you a choice of unlimited travel throughout all 6 (or just the 2 central) zones of London’s buses and subways. Available through Rail Europe, it lets you hop on-and-off the Tube or bus whenever you like, without searching for tickets or fumbling for change. Nothing makes London travel easier. Even if you had a horse-drawn carriage and a castle to call your own, you’d still be subjected to the whims of traffic at rush hour when the Tube would be preferred. And the bus is perfect for a more leisurely pace through celebrated streets at perfect sightseeing level. With the Tubes and buses the day is your own, free of the usual transportation pressures or dollars to pounds conversion confusion. At Rail Europe, we’re always working to make your vacation as stress-free as it is memorable. And besides, doesn’t every visitor to London deserve to be treated like royalty ?

Here’s what’s included :

  • Choose unlimited travel throughout all 6 zones or the 2 central zones on London’s buses and Tube (subway).
  • 7-day travel card available for the Central Zone (zones 1 & 2).
  • All Travel Cards can be used all day including weekends.
  • Groups of 10 or more get a 5% discount on London Travel Card.

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From our travel community

Wheelies in france! I'm in a wheelchair and intend to travel in France this summer. Reading the SNCF website, I see that disabled passengers with more than 80% disability are allowed discounts on production of their invalidity card, but here in the UK we don't have (...)

Jamie Brunel | 18 January 2006 complete | 1 Comments
Additional travel options Is a Euro pass good for use on short routes, such as the London underground? In other words, can I use it to get around in individual cities or is it really intended for use between cities?

Chandra Spencer Kinnee | 18 January 2007 | 1 Comments
Amsterdam, paris, eurodisney, london - what europass? Hi, we are looking for the best pass for this itinerary. Can we use the same pass that gets us from Amsterdam to Paris (and Euro Disney) to also get to London? Also, what is the typical cost of a reservation for this type of (...)

Rob Butler | 17 December 2030 complete | 4 Comments
Eurostar journey with eurail france pass, does it use up 1 day of travel on the pass? Hi, need community help for one question please. if Eurail France pass can be used for Eurostar trips and we only pay the reservation fees, then for trip made on each day, we would be using up one day of travel on the Eurail France pass, (...)

praveen | 17 November 2019 complete | 9 Comments
Land travel then london to paris I will be travelling by train to reach the Chunnel then going from the London station to Paris. How long in advance should I arrive at Saint Pancras so I proceed through customs to the Eurostar? (...)

Marj | 17 October 2023 complete | 3 Comments

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