Wilhelm Tell Express

Half land. Half water. And, you’re halfway there.

Like Wilhelm Tell himself, this trip really hits the mark with breathtaking scenery through Switzerland. Starting with a lunch cruise on Lake Lucerne, followed by a train trip ending in Ticino.

When traveling to/from Lugano there is a change of trains in Bellinzona. The train to/from Bellinzona - Lugano only offers open seating.

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Wilhelm Tell and show me more

A Wilhelm Tell Express ticket is a great way to see Lake Lucerne and Ticino. But a Swiss Pass not only includes this day trip (with a reservation), but the whole country. Funny, isn’t it? The best way to see Wilhelm Tell’s Switzerland may not be with a train ticket.

Wait! Do I need a reservation for my train trip?

This trip really hits the mark for travelers in search of breathtaking scenery and adventure traveling through Switzerland on both land and water. This popular scenic route by train and boat requires a single reservation that can be booked up to 3 months in advance. Keep in mind this journey is seasonal, operating only between the months of May and October.

Travelers without Baggage

Your luggage and your back can arrive in peak shape

In Switzerland, there’s even a lift for your luggage. Fast baggage offers same-day baggage delivery between 45 cities and destinations in Switzerland. So let us do the schlepping.

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