Trenitalia International Night

From the boot to your slippers.

Remember on old TV shows when a character would close their eyes, open them, and magically be somewhere else? That’s what travel on the Trenitalia International Night is like, magically opening your eyes in a far away place after a good night’s sleep. And even after you’re awake, what magical places they are. You can travel from Italy to Austria, Croatia or Hungary in comfort, arriving refreshed and ready to tackle the day. And traveling at night means you won’t lose a day of sightseeing and adventure to get there.

Onboard, you’ll travel in fully air-conditioned cars with a choice of couchette & sleeping compartments. You’ll see as much or as little of the passing countryside as you like since there’s nothing like the gentle motion of the train to lull you to sleep. And most routes offer a relaxing restaurant car and snacks should you decide to guarantee some sweet dreams. The Trenitalia International Night is even better than TV magic, because it’s you and it’s real.

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Fall asleep to Mozart. Awake to the Pope.