Trenitalia International Night

Seating Options

Traveling Second Class on the Trenitalia International Night is perfect for budget conscious families and students who want to travel together. Choose between shared compartments for 3-6 people with fold-down beds, or reclining seats. The bathroom is located at the entrance of the train car. With the compartment, the beds convert to a sitting area for evening and morning use. You’ll relax in a completely air-conditioned and smoke-free environment with the luxury of having your luggage nearby. Other sleeping options can include mixed-sex compartments, same-sex compartments, and ladies-only compartments.

Reclining Seat

A generous tilting seat with adjustable head & footrests.

Triple (T3) Compartment

Three beds in a compartment, upper-middle-lower on one wall, with a wash basin, individual reading lights, and linens. These are all-male or all-female -unless a party of 3 is traveling together.

Couchette (T6) Compartment

Six beds in a compartment, upper-middle-lower on opposite walls with individual reading lights. These are not divided by gender, but some trains do offer ladies-only options.

Meals & Concessions

Should you need to refuel, on-board you'll find a restaurant car with pleasing meals, snacks and refreshments. All meals including breakfast are available and reasonably priced.

On Board Services

Every Second Class traveler will have an assigned compartment manager to service their car and insure a perfect, tidy trip. They’ll help transform your compartment for the night upon request, and cheerfully provide wake-up service in the morning.

Services at the station

Except for train platforms, all Italian stations are non-smoking with plentiful shopping, restaurants and information centers. Vienna Westbahnhof also offers shopping, restaurants, and Information centers as well as storage lockers for luggage starting at 2€ a day. So why waste a minute of sightseeing? Park your luggage and go! Downtown is right there and waiting!