Tolstoy Train

A most novel journey: the Tolstoy train.

Few rail trips can compare to the wonders of the Tolstoy train that runs overnight between Helsinki and Moscow. Named for Leo Tolstoy, its travel time is 14 hours. You’ll pass through history as you forge your own bridge between the Russian Federation and the European Union.

Not to mention the journey through beautiful scenery that includes pine forests, rolling hills and quaint Russian villages.

Perhaps it’s called the Tolstoy train because Helsinki and Moscow largely exist as opposites, as does the name of his most famous novel “War & Peace.” On one end you’ll find the sophisticated modernity of Helsinki. On the other, timeless Moscow with its early Russian architecture, baroque buildings and iconic onion domes. Helsinki is World Design Capital 2012, whereas Moscow will be hosting an international beer festival. But they do have one thing in common; a better way to arrive ready to see the sights.

Much of your time on this overnight train will be spent being calmly rocked to sleep by the gentle churn of the train. Your waking hours will be filled enjoying a classically appointed Russian-inspired interior and the company of fellow travelers. All in all, this trip is one for the books. A perfect ending for the Tolstoy train.

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