Tolstoy train

Seating Options

Second class on the Tolstoy train is the budget conscious travelers dream in every way. Not only will this overnight train lull you softly to sleep, but save you the cost of a hotel night in the process. And you’ll even save daylight for exploring instead of traveling.

These private compartments for four people contain everything needed for a comfortable night’s rest. You’ll find linens and a small table for work or snacking.

The second class car has a total of nine compartments. Luggage can be stored under the bed or in an upper storage area. There’s a coat rack and air-conditioning in each compartment. You’ll find a restroom at the end of the car.

So if you’d like a good night’s sleep under your belt and more spending money in your pocket, well, this is just the ticket.

Couchette (T4) Compartment

Four beds in a compartment, an upper and lower berth on opposite walls with individual reading lights. These are not divided by gender, but some trains do offer ladies-only options.

Meals & Concessions

All travelers will find snacks and drinks available for purchase from their car attendant. But passing through history and traditionally European landscapes, you’ll also find the perfect blend of Slavic hospitality and Russian ambiance in the Tolstoy’s full-service restaurant car. This non-smoking, air-conditioned car serves traditional Russian and European food able to satisfy even the hungriest of travelers. Not to be outshined by the food, you’ll find a welcoming atmosphere in classic reds and gold with tables for 3-4 people, as well as bar seating. (Be aware that the restaurant is cash only (RUB and EUR accepted and is closed during border checks.) So whether your appetite is gastronomic in nature, or you’d prefer to stretch your legs and lift a glass to your new best comrades, cheers. You’ll definitely enjoy this part of the great Tolstoy story.

On Board Services

Here you are crossing borders, languages and customs. That’s why you’ll find a personal attendant in every second class car of the Tolstoy. Not only to help with creature comforts, but whatever needs you might have. You’ll also find a currency exchange on board, particularly handy since the restaurant does not take credit cards.

Services at the station

Unique experiences are part of what traveling is all about, and you’ll find the train stations deliver that as well. Available services at individual stations will vary, but most offer information and ticket counters, as well as waiting areas. Typically, you can also find a Luggage Office or storage lockers so you can enjoy the surrounding neighborhood, shops and restaurants unencumbered.