Seating Options

Second class seating aboard the TGV features a spacious seat with a headrest, footrest, fold-down table and generous legroom.  Your seat also includes an individual reading light and power outlet.

All trains are non-smoking, offer designated family areas and cell-phone space.

Additionally, the new TGV trains have two office areas with electrical outlets available in the vestibule areas of second class. They enable travelers to work in small groups in a more private space.  Travelers can also prep for meetings and recharge their computers and cellphones.

TGV Second Class Layout

Please note: this seating chart is a representation of an Economy car. Your actual train may have slight variations in the number of seats, restrooms, or table placements.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

© SNCF – Patrick Curtet

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Meals & Concessions

TGV bar car

Moving this fast makes you hungry. That's why you’ll find 2 TGV bar cars on every train.

The TGV bar has a wide selection of meals and sweet snacks available for purchase. Here you can choose between the options offered or create your own tasty and wholesome feast from our choice of hot dishes, salads, sandwiches and dessert.  You'll find a great variety for purchase, and of course, you’re free to bring your own food, too. You can also buy something from a rolling snack cart that comes right to you. In all cases, you’re free to choose between eating in the bright and friendly restaurant/bar or the comfort of your seat- whichever suits your taste. Additionally, the TGV bar offers films on DVD, magazines, games for children, Paris Metro tickets, even USB sticks for purchase.

On Board Services

Luggage rack on TGV

The TGV offers a host of on-board services and amenities to make you feel at home while traveling and refreshed when you arrive.  Some trains have office areas with electrical outlets to make working on the go easy. For the comfort of our littlest travelers, you'll find a nursery space equipped with a baby changing table.

And all TGV's have special areas for oversized luggage available on board. As always, be sure to check your particular train for specific services offered.