TGV International Train

TGV International: Spectacular views inside and out.

Serving major cities and cultural centers, there’s no finer way than taking TGV's International trains to watch the world go by. With France as the hub, you can "fly" to Belgium, Italy, Switzerland or Spain without ever leaving the ground. Though with speeds of 200 mph, you will be flying. You’ll enjoy all this at the highest level of rail comfort available today, without the restrictions of airlines or the driving complications of finding your own way.

Whether your route is Paris to Milan, Brussels to Nice, Paris to Turin, Paris to Barcelona or any other, you’ll find the first class cars indulge and pamper the traveler at every level: from reclining seats with generous legroom that indulges the body, to a harmonious color scheme that pleases the eye and puts the mind at rest. Forward-looking, sophisticated and streamlined, befitting a modern-day journey that will reach the fastest speeds in Europe.

The economy class of the TGV International is anything but second class. Every effort has been made to surround these lucky voyagers in comfort, including a designer interior with reclining seats and adjustable head and footrests.

Additional amenities include access to power outlets, in-seat meals in first class, and a buffet car for all. Plus you can choose a seating configurations that best suits your travel.

In fact, you’ll find the only hard part of being on board is deciding where to look first. Especially since we’ve made the view inside just as pleasing as the one outside.

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