TGV International

Seating Options

What does it mean to travel in First Class? It means options. A perfected, customized experience based on your individual needs. That’s what defines First Class travel on the TGV.

It starts with an uber-comfortable reclining seat with generous legroom that surrounds you in amenities. But First Class also lets you decide just how much of the world to include in your personal space. That’s why you’ll be able to select the seating that best suits you. Choose between individual window seats, two seats facing each other or two seats side by side. Perhaps four seats facing each other and separated from the aisle by a transparent partition is a better fit. Depending on your destination, 6 or 8-seat cabins are also available, as well as seating for disabled travelers. First Class on the TGV. It won’t just fit your travel plans; it will fit your travel preferences. 

Solo Seat

A seat on its own next to the window with a pull-down table.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

© SNCF – Patrick Curtet

Club 2 Seat

Two solo seats facing each other across a table.

© SNCF – Patrick Curtet

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Meals & Concessions

TGV bar car

You’re traveling First Class, so there’s no doubt you have an appetite for life. But we know world travelers also develop an appetite for food. Drink. Merriment. Feel like a stroll? The TGV bars that carry a wide selection of food and snacks available for purchase. Or create your own tasty menu with hot dishes, salads, sandwiches and yummy desserts. (There’s even a child’s menu). Enjoy your delectable cuisine at a table in the welcoming TGV bar or take it back to your luxurious seat. It seems like whatever you’re hungry for, we’ve got it. Including choices.

On Board Services

As you should expect, First Class on-board services are numerous. In addition to the comforts in and around your first class seat, there is also a bar-buffet car which sells magazines, children’s games, USB sticks, subway tickets (for Paris, Lyon, Milan and Turin) and a great selection of drinks and snacks.

Services at the Station

© SNCF – Patrick Curtet

Why wait till you get on board to relax? Your First Class ticket entitles you to access the First Class lounge at many of the stations, with all the creature comforts you’d expect to find there. Peace. Quiet. WiFi (inside and outside the lounge). And while you’ll always find people to help you, the multi-lingual signage throughout the TGV station makes navigating it simple.