Seating Options

Remember when Second Class travel meant sacrificing comfort to save money?

Well, we left those days in the dust at 200 mph. With reclining seats and adjustable head and footrests. With individual reading lights and even more legroom (92 cm., previously 85 cm.). All part of the cheery purple and red Christian Lacroix designed interiors of the new Second Class compartments. And the amenities continue. You’ll find “Le Bureau” in car 7 of every TGV. This is a dedicated communications area with power outlets for your utmost convenience.

You can also choose the most appropriate seating arrangement for you or your group: from duo side by side seating, to four seats facing each other with a fold-down table between them called a Club 4. We also offer Espace Famille: 4 fold-away seats facing each other with a fold-down table. The TGV even has baby changing facilities and special family cars with play tables. Second Class? It’s something you’ll only notice on your ticket.

TGV Second Class Layout

Please note: this seating chart is a representation of an Economy car. Your actual train may have slight variations in the number of seats, restrooms, or table placements.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

© SNCF – Patrick Curtet

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Meals & Concessions

TGV bar car

We know you didn’t travel Second Class to spend all the money you saved buying onboard meals. That’s why there’s a TGV Bar carrying a wide selection of reasonably priced prepared food and snacks. Or create your own tasty menu with hot dishes, salads, sandwiches and yummy desserts. (There’s even a child’s menu for the little ones). Enjoy your delights at a table in the friendly TGV bar or take them back to your comfy seat. Some trains allow travelers can choose between the Bordrestaurant, offering more formal sit-down meals that include German and European regional specialties, and the more casual Bordbistro serving snacks and drinks. Choose where you want to eat, choose how you want to eat, just choose Rail Europe. We’ll make everything easier to digest.

On Board Services

Luggage rack on TGV

On-board services in Second Class include luggage storage areas for clutter-free travel, play tables for kids in family cars, appliances to warm baby food and changing tables. For business travelers, there are two office spaces with electrical outlets enabling passengers to work in threes and recharge computers and cellphones. A handy TGVBar shop is onboard, stocking DVD's, magazines, children’s games, and USB sticks. The trains that service Alleo routes offer a wide variety of seats, from those booked for good mobile reception to quiet cars. Meals are served at your seat and there are baby changing stations and special facilities for the disabled.

Services at the Station

Not only will you find many TGV stations architectural masterpieces, but technological ones as well. With WiFi access throughout the bustling station, and engineering marvels routinely gliding in and out. There’s low-tech practicality as well, with multi-lingual signage that makes the journey throughout the station easy to navigate. Looking to disconnect? You’ll discover plenty of fine restaurants, eateries and places to shop in these thriving central hubs.