Spanish Night Trains

Sleep all night, arrive wide-eyed. Spain awaits.

How precious is your vacation time? Your work time? Or any of your time? We’re guessing there’s none of it you would want to waste. That’s the beauty of Spanish Night Trains. They merge the comforts of a hotel with the advantages of a daily train service. But the best part is you spend the time you would’ve been sleeping, sleeping. And you get to wake up in your destination. There are no lost days, no showing up travel-weary, and the only unproductive hours you have are the ones you choose.

You’ll awake in the center of your chosen city and be ready for the charms of the day. Whether it’s a day filled with sightseeing, leisure trips or business. And you can choose from accommodations perfect for traveling with a partner, a co-worker, a family, or alone in a compartment for one.

There’s a restaurant and cafeteria on board to satisfy any cravings. And all carriages have spaces to store luggage and personal belongings. All to make sure you arrive relaxed and refreshed. So why not make the most of the time you have? Because the best way to see Spain is with your eyes closed at night, instead of half-open during the day.

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