Spanish Night Trains

Seating Options

Gran (Premier) Class on the Spanish Night Trains offers everything you’ll need for a perfect night.

It starts with a reserved, private room with one or two beds. And like any fine hotel room, you’ll find an en suite shower, toilet and sink, plus a full vanity and linens. Of course, you’ll have a lockable door and a card key. But this compartment isn’t just about function. You’ll find it loaded with comforts. There’s a 4-channel audio system, a 15-inch video screen, electrical outlets to help you and your devices recharge, an intercom for communication to the crew, an alarm clock, folding tables and ample space to keep your luggage with you.

And you’ll find an incredible impressionist landscape on the wall of every cabin. Oh, sorry, that’s just the view.

Grand Class Single Compartment

Private sleeping compartment with a wash basin, en-suite shower & WC, individual reading lights, and linens.

Grand Class Double Compartment

Private sleeping compartment for two people with upper-lower berths, a wash basin, en-suite shower & WC, individual reading lights, and linens.

Meals & Concessions

In Premier or Gran Class, your fulfillment is not limited to your appetite for comfort and adventure. Served in the cafeteria car, you’ll find an assortment of hot and cold dishes, snacks and drinks for purchase to satisfy any craving. And in accordance with the time of day, aperitifs, wines and spirits are available as well. After all, you’re in Gran Class. You should feel catered to in your cabin and out of it.

On Board Services

Gran or Premier Class starts with a welcome crew to greet you and give you your compartment key and welcome drink. At your service for the duration of the trip, they’ll also provide a friendly wake up call and make sure your toiletry bag and linens are well stocked in your private bathroom and shower. Dinner and breakfast are served in the restaurant car, and complimentary newspapers are available.

Services at the station

As a Gran or Premier Class member on the Spanish Night Trains, you’re welcomed all over the place. It starts with free parking at the rail station. Then you’re welcome to the Club lounges in Alacante, Albacete, Barcelona Sants, Camp de Tarragona, Castellon, Codova Central, Lleida, Malaga, Madrid Chamartin, Madrid Puerta de Atocha, Mucia, Sevilla, Valencia Joaquin, Valladoid, and Zaragoza. And it starts all over again when you board the train and receive a personal welcome by the crew.

Why? Because you're not just welcomed, you're appreciated.