Seating Options

Non-smoking? Yes. Comfortable? Always. SNCF trains have something to make everyone happy because they’re designed to do that. And for people interested in a little extra padding left in their wallet, well, the economy class is just the ticket. Bright, happy, and welcoming. Just some of the words used to describe the cheerful interiors, perfect for families and cost-conscious travelers. We want you to make the most of your trip in every way.

SNCF Second Class Layout

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Meals & Concessions

Trolley cart in TEOZ

You’ll find a lounge car or snack cart aboard major routes, as well as vending machines offering the always available treat.

With a selection of light snacks available for purchase, you can create your own tasty feast from a great variety of goodies. And of course, you’re free to bring your own food as well. Eat in the luxury of your seat, or spread out into the lounge or bar cars where available.

On Board Services

Services on the TEOZ

SNCF trains provide a variety of services and amenities, typically including an ergonomic reclining seat with a headrest and footrest for every traveler.

Services at the station

Major stations typically offer a variety of shopping, dining options and an information center.  Smaller stations may only have ticket counters. Check specific station information if you’re interested in a particular service.