The SJ High Speed Train

The SJ High Speed Train: the perfect tilt in Sweden.

The SJ is a tilting high speed train, traveling at speeds of up to 125 mph on all major routes. You can take it internationally from Copenhagen, Denmark, to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, or from Copenhagen to Malmö: two fabulous examples of a more global experience. Of course, you can also enjoy it exclusively within Sweden traveling from Stockholm to Malmö, or for carefree trekking to Göteborg and Sundsvall, as well as other scenic spots in the hinterlands.

Seats are available in First and Second Class, in addition to offering a First Class Premium Service with extra amenities like a warm meal, beverages, and more personal service. All travelers will find access to power outlets, WiFi, and a bar car offering hot and cold dishes, sandwiches, beer, 
wine, coffee and cakes. There’s even an on-board gift shop offering chocolate, games, perfumes and more. With all these on-board comforts, you’d never imagine trains in Sweden are also made to let you indulge in the magnificent nature passing outside: pristine mountain views and alpine fields impossible to appreciate from airplanes or the burdens of the driver’s seat.

Like a lot of things here, Sweden’s high speed rail is made of many interconnected parts. It seems the only connection waiting to be made is you.

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