Scandinavian Trains

Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark. Easy to assemble instructions below.

A region known for simple, user-friendly design would no doubt have a rail system to match. But planning is still key. So whether you’re going to Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark or all of them, we’d suggest you follow these easy instructions: book here, book now.

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Traveling to more than one Scandanavian country?

Then a rail pass is your best bet. It’s the easiest, most cost effective way to get around this outdoor wonderland.

Sometimes trains require reservations. Does yours?

Whether you’re traveling to Sweden, Finland, Norway or Denmark, traveling by train is easy. Reservations are only required for high-speed trains like the Swedish SJ High-speed trains, overnight trains or scenic routes such as the famous Norway in a Nutshell. You can start requesting these popular reservations within 90 days of your travel date for Denmark and Sweden, and 60 days for Norway and Finland.

Exterior Ustaoset Hoyopplost Courtesy of NSB

Explore Viking territory like a Viking

With spontaneity, adventure and gusto. Travel freely anywhere a train goes in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden with the Scandinavia Pass. And conquer it all.