Scandinavian Night Train

Scandinavian Night Train

We’d like to introduce you to a Swedish supermodel. A real beauty with refined features, graceful movements and who is able to go for miles on very little fuel, just like its human counterpart. The Scandinavian Night train. Traveling at night is a great way to save your prime-time daylight for sightseeing and exploring this simply stunning peninsula. Plus, whether you choose First or Second Class, a private bed or a relaxing recliner, you’ll save the money you would’ve spent on a hotel room. And you’ll arrive refreshed and right where you want to be in the center of town. You’ll cross the fairytale landscapes of Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland with efficiency and comfort. Hungry? Enjoy the fabulous mountain views with everything from a cup of coffee to a full dinner with wine in the dining car. Why not allow yourself to be pampered by the friendly staff or watch a movie in the cinema car?

The Scandinavian Night trains. When it comes to service and comfort, they’re model trains.

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