Scandinavian Night Train

Seating Options

The Scandinavian night train really is a hotel on wheels. And in Second Class, a convenient, comfortable, budget-minded one at that. You’ll have your choice of accommodations within these friendly cars. From couchettes that sleep up to 6 people with toilets and washing facilities in the corridor, to smaller berths with shared facilities in First Class. Women can also choose to be in a women’s only compartment. In all cases, basic linens and a pillow are included. You’ll have plentiful room to stretch during the day, and equally important stretching room at night. After journeying through the land of nod, you’ll wake up just where you wanted with the option of a pre-ordered breakfast waiting in the bistro. Or just head in and go with the craving flow. Either way, it’s all quite delicious.

The experience. The company. The relaxation. But then, why shouldn’t it be. You’re in heaven. Just look outside.

Couchette (T6) Compartment

Six beds in a compartment, upper-middle-lower on opposite walls with individual reading lights. These are not divided by gender, but some trains do offer ladies-only options.

Triple (T3) Compartment

Three beds in a compartment, upper-middle-lower on one wall, with a wash basin, individual reading lights, and linens. These are all-male or all-female -unless a party of 3 is traveling together.

Meals & Concessions

All the night trains (except between Stockholm/Malmö) have a place onboard where you can purchase breakfast, dinner and snacks throughout the day. Located in the center of the train, this well-stocked bar-buffet car is usually open 6:00 am to 11:00 pm to accommodate any cravings. And now there’s a new option where you can buy a pre-ordered breakfast consisting of coffee/tea, juice, yogurt and a cheese sandwich that can be picked up the train's Bistro.

It seems someone figured if you had the good taste to book an environmentally friendly train ride through pristine Scandinavia, you’d probably have good taste all around.

On Board Services

Who has time for a movie? You do. Because there’s an Entertainment Car (equipped with televisions) where two films are shown each evening, in addition to a short film for children. There’s also an in-car bar area where hot and cold drinks and light snacks such as sandwiches are served. The adjoining car is a restaurant car. Both the restaurant car and the entertainment car are located in the middle of the train and open from 6:00 am – 11:00 pm.

Services at the Station

There’s nothing better than being able to poke around the train station since it's usually in the middle of town. Fortunately, most stations have luggage lockers. You can drop your luggage off and squeeze in more sightseeing before you go.