SBB (Switzerland)

SBB trains: The Swiss connection to perfection.

Recent upgrades to the SBB CFF FFS -- otherwise known as the Swiss Federal Railways or SBB for short, have resulted in an even more welcoming rail network than ever before. Swiss trains’ most popular routes include Zurich to Geneva, and Lucerne to Zurich, but anywhere in Switzerland by train is a simply fantastic journey. Paired with shorter travel times and increased frequency, newer, modernized trains are both an adventurers’ and business travelers dream.

It’s easy to experience the pure, scenic beauty of travel in Switzerland. The Glacier Express is an unhurried, 7+ hour panoramic journey from St. Moritz or Davos to Zermatt through the Alpine heartland. Or, ride the GoldenPass Line, which many consider the quintessential Swiss treat. Business travelers will find incredible views as well, like restful Quiet Zones, and first class Business Zones that are really mobile offices. Every rider will find the perfect seat and situation from a range of First and Second Class seating and Swiss train tickets.

One last thought: how about a visit to the neighbors? With high speed trains all around, why not breeze from Bern to Milan or Zurich to Florence? Rather spend a romantic evening in France? The TGV Lyria lets you ski the early-morning slopes of Geneva, then savor a romantic dinner in Paris.

Swiss rail, like Switzerland, is just waiting for you. What are you waiting for?

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