RENFE (Spain)

Experience the rich history and flavor of Spain aboard RENFE

Whether your idea of a vacation in Spain involves sprinting with the bulls in Pamplona or sipping sangria in the coastal resort of San Sebastian, a RENFE train ride in Spain will make the journey there a vacation in itself.

Over the past two decades, RENFE has focused on improving traveler comfort and increasing the velocity of its fleet of trains in Spain. This combined effort has resulted in a faster, more enjoyable train trip for savvy travelers who opt to experience Spain’s rich history, captivating culture, and eye-catching scenery by rail.

RENFE makes your journey enjoyable, leaving travelers less inclined to watch the clock and more inclined to savor the view as they ride in cozy, spacious carriages and experience solid customer service from RENFE train personnel. And no one is left out, with accommodations that are great for families, friends, and business travelers.

When booking train travel in Spain, go with Rail Europe. It’s where you’ll get true experts advising you on the smartest itineraries, affordable fares, and yes, even bull-free guidance.

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Barcelona Madrid 12

Restrooms in every car.

Renfe Trains at the Barcelona Franca Station

Train in Spain. Through geography and history.

Barcelona Madrid 04

Enjoy onboard entertainment with video screens.

Elipsos train Couple having Breakfast looking out the window

Delicious views inside and outside the restaurant car.

Barcelona Madrid 16

Daydreams included: Cities, countryside, mountains and beaches.

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