Seating Options

It seems only right that in the environs of the Alps, Railjet’s First Class service would reach new heights. With amenities and service that seem boundary free, even as you travel between Austria, Germany and Hungary. It starts with a comfortable, reclining leather seat, perfectly adjustable for work or rest. You’ll find an extra-large table in your generously sized compartment, and an extensive range of newspapers and magazines for your enjoyment. It’s all in a smart, sophisticated car designed to cater to your every comfort. And speaking of catering, meals & drinks are available a la carte and can be served at your seat using proper china & glasses. All making for a trip as magnificent inside, as the scenery is outside.

Club 2 Seat

Two solo seats facing each other across a table.

Club 4 Seat

Four seats facing each other across a table.

Duo Seats

Aisle and window seats next to each other with pull-down tables.

Meals & Concessions

Railjet Bar CarMost Railjet trains either have a restaurant or Bistro Car on board. Their sleek interiors and quality foods are made to satisfy the most finicky of travelers. You’ll find everything from healthier options to indulgent regional specialties and seasonal delights. There are snacks, drinks, beer, wine, and hot and cold dishes. Why not try Czech Budweiser or local Paulaner beers? Plus you can enjoy mingling in the Bistro car, or bring your selections back to your welcoming seat. And everything is reasonable.

So enjoy. Because there’s nothing better than arriving with your own tank full and ready to go.

On Board Services

Luggage racks on Railjet

The on-board services of the Railjet are many. They include a traveler information system providing all timetable data during your trip on monitors throughout the train and showing your actual route on digital maps. It also has an electronic reservation display to help you easily find your seat. More questions? There’s an onboard information booth, Infopoint, where you can get assistance, make reservations or book additional travel. You’ll find a roving snack cart on all trains and a children’s cinema on some and enjoy free WiFi onboard while traveling through Austria. 

And the Railjet prides itself on its barrier free access, with special equipment and services for travelers with limited mobility that includes: a vehicle-integrated lift, 3-seat configurations for wheelchair users, power outlets suitable for wheelchair batteries, toilet facilities, spaces to accommodate guide dogs, assistance call service and at-seat meal service from the Railjet Bistro.