France-Russia Train

Paris/Moscow. Moscow/Paris. Either Way, A Revolutionary Train Trek

Board this overnight train in Paris’s Gare de l’Est station and arrive in Moscow’s Belorusskaya station, 2,000 miles and a day and a half later. This spectacular train trip takes travelers through 5 countries - Russia, Belarus, Poland, Germany and France, and intersects European cities such as Minsk, Brest, Berlin, Hannover, Frankfurt-am-Main, and Metz-Ville. You’ll travel in comfort at speeds of up to 124 miles per hour, whether you’re the taking the train from Paris to Moscow or the train from Moscow to Paris.

The France/Russia trains have Deluxe, First, and Second-Class compartments, all of them sleepers. Deluxe cars have a lounge. Its compartments are for one or two people (single/double) and contain a chair, TV, and private bathroom with shower, Deluxe accommodations include complimentary breakfast.

First Class cars contain a toilet and shower at the end of each car. Each compartment is for one or two people (single/double) and has its own washbasin. Single travelers who book a double compartment are not guaranteed to be accommodated with someone of the same gender.

Second Class cars have toilet and shower facilities at the end of each car. These compartments have their own washstand and accommodate two or three people (double/triple). Triple compartments are not gender specific.

Of course, a trip of this length requires dedicated train managers in each coach and food at hand, both of which are available on these trains. A restaurant car offers meals, drinks and snacks.

Traveling between Paris and Russia is the ultimate train and travel experience. Aren’t you ready for some of that?

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Bedroom on Paris-Moscow train

First Class compartments accommodate one or two people.

Paris Moscow traveler

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Seating option on Paris-Moscow

Compartments are co-ed, private, lockable and air-conditioned.

Exterior sign on Paris-Moscow train

Paris to Moscow, city center to city center, the ultimate train travel experience.

Seating on Paris-Moscow

Compartments are co-ed, private, lockable and air-conditioned.