Seating Options

When you’re traveling overnight, comfort is key. In the first class sleeping compartment on the Paris to Moscow route, we’ve never forgotten that. These trains have comfortable first class compartments; each made to induce a good night’s sleep (or two). These compartments have 2 beds and are made to accommodate a maximum of 2 travelers. (Please note: These compartments are not gender specific and do not need to be booked in full. So if you are a single traveler who books a double, you are not guaranteed to be placed with a same-sex roommate.) The compartments are private, lockable and air-conditioned, and full linens are provided. You’ll arrive refreshed at your destination, and enjoy a restful journey the whole way there.

Double Compartment

Private sleeping compartment for two people with upper-lower berths, a wash basin, individual reading lights, and linens.

Single Compartment

Private sleeping compartment with a wash basin, individual reading lights, and linens.

Meals & Concessions

When you’re on an overnight train, you rest better with a full belly. We’ve made sure this train has everything you might want. There’s a restaurant car between Belarus and Moscow where plentiful but inexpensive à la carte choices are the order of the day. Prefer even less formality? There’s always the buffet car for fast, casual service. Here you’ll find light dishes, snacks, and hot and cold beverages available for purchase. In the morning, first-class travelers get an included breakfast served in their compartment (and requiring confirmation at departure). 

On Board Services

Our first class sleeping compartments are private, lockable and air-conditioned. Provided bed linens include a duvet, 2 pillows, 2 bath towels and one welcome kit per person. Toilets are located at both ends of the cars. Each car has a dedicated staff of two that will help prepare your compartment for the night, as well as answer questions and provide any assistance you require.