Le Frecce

Seating Options

There is no finer way to travel on the Le Frecce than the Premier Class (also known as Executive Class). Limited to 8 seats, and 8 travelers a car, you’ll find ergonomic leather seating that’s over 27” wide, with almost 60” between seats. There’s no one sitting directly next to you, so you have all the stretching room and privacy you could want. Looking to unwind or power up? Each seat has its own power outlet and the ability to recline up to 138°, as well as an adjustable leg rest. Premier Class even offers a 6-seat meeting room at one end of the car, a conference room on wheels. These top-of-the-line accommodations are simply unbeatable, no matter where in the line you’re going.

Enjoy the executive seats


A seat on its own next to the window with a pull-down table.

Meals & Concessions

Meals service at your seat for Executive Class

We know you’re never going to want to leave the comfort of your seat, so instead we bring a delicious, gourmet meal right to you. Complete wine or drinks, and coffee (…always coffee). If you do feel like a more social meal, there’s always the restaurant car, with proper sit-down waiter service and a 3-course meal for purchase. It’s open to all travelers, and is a great way to make some new connections and lively conversation. A less formal way to stretch your legs in a different setting is the café-bar car. It serves sandwiches and snacks, as well as Italian coffee, alcohol and soft drinks. We know that you probably won’t move much from your incredibly luxurious Premier seat, but it’s still nice to know you can, isn’t it?

On Board Services

Enjoy WiFi service in Premier Class

This executive accommodation has what every business person needs, but few would ever expect. In addition to Premier being the ultimate in comfort, you’ll find newspapers and magazines, access to a meeting room with a 32” HD monitor for onboard presentations, another monitor that delivers information and entertainment to the coach, and WIFI available for purchase. 

Services at the station

As a Premier Class (Executive Class) seat holder, you’ll be allowed check-in at the platform of your station and access to the Frecciaclub Lounge. The lounge provides a comfortable environment with a range of free services, dependent on the station. Check your specific station for the details of its lounge amenities.